FISH Digital Forensics is offering the Forensic Community worldwide, the kind of technology which can seriously make a difference even in these times of 'cost saving'.

Charles James quotes " We have already seen dramatic improvements on average identification rates from 21 days to 2 days at Sussex, and crime to Court from 117 days down to 47 at Cheshire and we've only just started. The easy wins were obvious but FISH 5 will take us to the next stage "

Right from the start, FISH Digital Forensics recognised that Forensics is a cauldron; a complex blend of people, process, technology, legislation and locality. To be successful, FISH must be simple to use, it has to meet the highest quality standards and be quick about it.


FISH 5 is going to simplify and automate the whole journey from crime scene to Court. The benefits to victims of crime and the effect it has on perpetrators is difficult to measure but the cost savings are. FISH 5 is aimed at supporting a Fast Track identification process using mobile phones, a Business Management layer to cut out unnecessary processing and automated reporting to improve the communications with detective teams and the CPS.

Charles continues "Wouldn't it be great to get to the 'paperless office' where diligence has a real effect in the community and forensics can contribute to the 'Golden hour' of detective work. We have had such great support from Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Sussex, the FBI and many others so why not, we can achieve it"

Cost savings will inevitably mean that departments merge, offices close and rolls played by staff will change. FISH 5 has been designed specifically to meet the needs of how Forensics wants to be.

The core of FISH 5 is how it treats evidence and Intel. FISH 5 supports many forms of digital multi-media ranging from photos, video, CCTV, audio, biometric data and forms. The reverence it gives to original images is sacrosanct yet working copies have the ability to flow like the tide.

A key area of FISH 5 is how it links with existing IT database systems and third party services. FISH 5 aims to provide a single screen experience with multiple Crime Management, exhibit tracking, property management, identification databases, court presentation systems and asset management systems. By utilising modern techniques used by social networking sites and the latest Cloud programming languages, FISH 5 takes advantage of many new technologies and techniques without the need to replace existing systems. With regional collaboration initiatives, FISH 5 will interface to multiple crime management systems used by different forces, resolving the differences in crime ID numbers and handling local security issues.

The FISH 5 user interfaces are custom designed to support the role of the individuals using a wizard approach. Previous versions of FISH have shown the importance of using touch screen designs, yet FISH 4 is a hybrid to accommodate the need to work on existing Force PCs.