The FISH application scans crime scene fingerprint marks and sends them to Fingerprint Bureau for identification. Identifications are made faster, fewer mistakes are made, arrests are faster and stronger, investigation time is significantly reduced, court time is significantly reduced and discounted sentences mean that prison time is significantly reduced.

FISH consists of three functional processes:

  • Submission: Collection and transmission of digital evidence
  • Management: Receiving, storing, archiving, reporting and network management
  • Processing: Job allocation, job workflow, identification , background automation


FISH produces optimised image quality at capture point and the user does not need to be an imaging expert to achieve a good quality image for the fingerprint expert. The FISH applications can process shoe marks, paper exhibits and elimination forms with all 2D crime scene evidence transmitted to the detectives in a timely manner.

  • FISH processes crime scene photographs and auto scales images
  • Experts can work on finger marks that cannot be lifted from the scene (in blood for example)
  • FISH minimises admin/double keying
  • Each case is referenced once and all reference data is then embedded in the meta data of the file
  • FISH saves time, makes CSI's jobs easier, makes Fingerprint Experts jobs easier and leads to faster stronger convictions that are more efficient.
  • FISH aims to reduce human errors, automate processes and simplify the user experience